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About Continuing NHS Healthcare Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC Funding) is a package of care provided by the NHS once a person is established as having a “primary health need”.

If an eligibility can be established then you can receive care in either your home or in a care home and the care costs will be funded by the NHS at no cost to you. It is important to note that NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is not means tested.

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding differs from funding received from a local authority for Social Care which is care provided for a person’s social needs (as opposed to the need arising from their health).

Who is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding?

The eligibility for CHC Funding is determined by the national framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare. A fundamental requirement to qualify for CHC Funding is to demonstrate that a person has a primary health need (PHN) after assessment for their individual needs.

The test for determining the primary health need is a subjective one and very much dependant upon opinion as regards a person’s individual needs and the healthcare services that might be required to meet then.

It tends to be the case that comparisons are inevitably drawn between an individual person’s needs by comparison to other individuals under similar circumstances. There are many occasions upon which a person (or their relatives) may never have heard about the availability of CHC Funding or the necessary assessment has not been carried out at the appropriate time due to the fact that social and healthcare professionals have not highlighted the existence of the availability of such funding. We are here to assist in these cases.

Retrospective Assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

It may be that you (or relatives) have already paid fees for a person’s care without the necessary consideration of the availability of an assessment for CHC funding.   Consideration should always be given to the possibility of CHC Funding where a person has health issues and is receiving ongoing care.

If you or a relative have ongoing health issues and are receiving care you should contact us for a preliminary free discussion and overview of whether it may be appropriate to seek an assessment for CHC Funding. We can advise upon the merits of any individual case, the procedure to be followed and the prospects of a successful outcome.

We would caution that the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding assessment procedure is not entirely straightforward and guidance is often a great advantage.

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